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    There’s nothing better, than a well done hand crafted, animated piece of work. Mad respect.

    One scene shows her reblogging in tumblr. Now i’m reblogging her.

    "Takuya Hosogane goes anime in this new music video for Jin, but keeps his sly sense of humor. Takuya says that he wanted to create a piece that referenced the experience of browsing through a tumblr of animated GIFs: gloriously random with awesome moments of synchronicity. And, in a true win for the Internet, someone’s already taken the video and reblogged it on tumblr it as an animated GIF.” - Motionographer

    The Making Of video is neat, too.

    WOOOOOOOW!!!! Uwa, this is so NEAT! *A*

    One of the animators,BAHI JD is also on tumblr !! Do check it out! He also animate for the show, Space Dandy.

    oh, well done!

    this makes me happy every time i see it.

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    Growth spurts. That’s all we ever wanted.

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    David Gandy

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    頭使って。。。#頭おかしい 〜 さーちゃん

    Use your head… #imweird 〜 さーちゃん

    Maths is hard!

    Use your head properly.


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    社会人の足取り 会社に行く時vs帰り道 #hokuto #社会人 #来た時よりも美しく 〜 ほくぴー

    The way that working adults walk  When going to work vs the way home #hokuto #workingadult #morebeautifulthanwhengoingthere 〜 ほくぴー

    The way that working adults walk, when going to work:

    On the way back:

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    when dicks do the twitchy thing and im just


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  9. "What do I want instead of a Strong Female Character? I want a male:female character ratio of 1:1 instead of 3:1 on our screens. I want a wealth of complex female protagonists who can be either strong or weak or both or neither, because they are more than strength or weakness. Badass gunslingers and martial artists sure, but also interesting women who are shy and quiet and do, sometimes, put up with others’ shit because in real life there’s often no practical alternative. And besides heroines, I want to see women in as many and varied secondary and character roles as men: female sidekicks, mentors, comic relief, rivals, villains. I want not to be asked, when I try to sell a book about two girls, two boys and a genderless robot, if we couldn’t change one of those girls to a boy."
    —  Sophia McDougall, I Hate Strong Female Characters  (via perscitia)

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